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Our latest news

Protective employees discussing current company news
Find the latest news and information on what we’re doing for you and your clients
What are we up to? Read all about our latest company and industry news, plus product and compliance updates.

Product and compliance updates

We’re continually working to improve our performance for you and your clients. Here’s what we’re up to right now.
A young family and their financial professional reviewing their life insurance policy.
Our Classic Choice term prices just got even lower
A mother with her two children happy knowing they're protected by life insurance.
Protective Indexed Choice℠ UL more competitive than ever with guaranteed death benefit
Financial professional going over details of Protective Aspirations variable annuity solutions with clients
Protective Launches Protective%%®%% Aspirations variable annuity Product
A financial professional reviewing the new, increased withdrawal rates for Protective Income Creator fixed annuity
Increased withdrawal rates for Protective%%®%% Income Creator fixed annuity
Closeup of financial professionals review of new withdrawal rates
Increased withdrawal rates for Protective%%®%% Income Builder indexed annuity
Two financial professionals discussing conversion products
Products available for conversion
Independent agents: get insider news that's just for you
Our independent agent newsletter is designed to keep financial professionals in the loop on all we’re doing to support your business and clients. Stay up-to-date on our life insurance and annuity solutions, plus other news to make working with us easy.