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Optional variable annuity benefits to protect more goals

By including optional benefits and riders on a variable annuity contract, clients may gain an opportunity to meet protection, growth, income and wealth transfer goals for retirement via a single solution.
Attractive options. Added value. 
Adding an optional rider to a variable annuity contract helps clients address specific needs and allows you the opportunity to build a more holistic strategy. Our SecurePay 5 lifetime income benefit guarantees a lifetime income and our enhanced death benefit options can help ensure efficient transfer of wealth and more.
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Create a client-centered solution

Since goals and preferences are unique to each client, our riders and options can be tailored to each client's needs. Many offer multiple options, allowing you to choose the appropriate version based on client-specific needs and budget.
SecurePay 5 guarantees growth and lifetime income
SecurePay 5 adds a level of protection to a Protective variable annuity by ensuring benefit base growth and a guaranteed lifetime income.
Enhanced death benefit options for legacy protection
Our variable annuities feature death benefit options that provide for loved ones and transfer wealth efficiently.

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