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SecurePay Protector%%SM%% offers the guarantees and growth clients aspire to have in retirement

When your clients add SecurePay Protector optional income benefit to their Protective® Aspirations variable annuity, they get access to guaranteed lifetime income and benefit base growth, regardless of market performance.

Guaranteed income, growth and flexibility designed to last a lifetime

SecurePay Protector offers guaranteed lifetime income, an annual benefit base rollup and access to top-rated investment funds – so clients can capitalize on growth and flexibility while protecting what matters most.
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Growth of benefit base
Regardless of market performance, the protected benefit base will increase by 5% compounded annually, with the opportunity for additional growth by capturing annual market gains.
Annual withdrawals for life
Once income benefits begin, annual withdrawal payments continue each year for your customer's lifetime.
Flexibility to adjust income
Available with SecurePay Protector, SecurePay Reserve allows customers to defer up to 3x their annual withdrawal amount into subsequent years to use when they see fit.
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How SecurePay Protector lives up to its name
Show your clients the difference our SecurePay Protector lifetime income option can make when supporting what they aspire to in retirement.

Clients can adjust income as needed with SecurePay Reserve

Make flexibility a driving force behind your clients' retirement aspirations using the unique capabilities of SecurePay Reserve. Included with both lifetime income options, this feature allows clients to defer and rollover up to 3 times their annual withdrawal amount to use when they need it.
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Customer chooses to defer income for later
Once income begins, customers may take the full annual withdrawal amount from their contract each year, or they can take less and use the SecurePay Reserve feature which allows you to roll over the difference into subsequent years.
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Defer annual withdrawal amount up to 3 times
Customers can defer up to 3x their annual withdrawal amount. When ready to access their SecurePay Reserve balance, they can withdraw up to the entire amount, plus the annual withdrawal amount available in the current year.
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Carry forward or withdraw
Customers can then take all, or a portion of their reserved amount until depleted. Once depleted, they may again defer payments towards their SecurePay Reserve amount.

See SecurePay reserve in action and download the supporting illustration

Helpful resources

Want to learn more about how SecurePay Protector works, or have clients in mind whose retirement strategies could benefit from a Protective Aspirations variable annuity with SecurePay Protector? Download these helpful resources.
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We're here for you
Everyone deserves peace of mind when it comes to safeguarding what’s most important. We’re ready to help you deliver the protection and security your clients deserve. Reach out to us anytime for questions and support, and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.
*The 5% rollup lasts 10 contract anniversaries or until the benefit election date is set, whichever occurs first.

**If contract value falls to zero due to excess withdrawals the optional income benefit will terminate and payments will end.