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Optimize growth with Protective%%®%% Variable Annuity Investors Series

In uncertain markets, clients can make emotional decisions. This cost-effective variable annuity enables clients to grow their retirement assets with strategies to manage risk.

Why Protective Variable Annuity Investors Series?

It’s a simple, cost-effective solution that can help clients tax-efficiently grow contract value while protecting against the impact of emotional investor decisions that can happen when market volatility increases.
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Optimized growth, tax deferred
Need another tax-deferred retirement option? This product fits the bill without annual limits.
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Cost-effective solution
For a 1% fee, clients can grow assets faster without the annual tax bill.
Risk management strategies
Risk management strategies
Two options designed to help clients minimize losses and manage the impact of volatility.
an illustration of a person showing how the Protective Variable Annuity Investor Series performs versus the competition.
Review how Protective Variable Annuity investors Series performs vs. other variable annuity products in the market.
Your clients can have growth and protect against volatility
Protective Variable Annuity Investors Series features two options that can help protect your clients against market volatility. Watch this quick video to discover how they work.
a stop light graphic representing how the Protective Variable Annuity Investor Series protects against market volatility.
a couple looking confident about the retirement plan they've made using the Protective Variable Annuity Investor Series.
Help your clients retire more confidently
Protective Variable Annuity Investor Series is designed to deliver cost-effective, tax-deferred growth.
an advisor taking a couple through an investment options guide.
Investment options guide
Choose from a high-quality lineup of investment options from some of the most well-known fund managers in the business.

Helpful resources for Protective Variable Annuity Investors Series

Want more top-level details? Ready to take a deeper dive into the features and benefits? Just download these product materials.
product prospectus for Protective Variable Annuity Investors Series
Product prospectus
the cover of the Protective Variable Annuity Investors Series guide.
At-a-glance, quick reference that highlights the features and benefits
a brochure that explains the options available with the Protective Variable Annuity Investors Series product.
Investment options that protect against volatility, explained
a brochure that details the ratings and performance of the Protective Variable Annuity Investors Series.
Quarterly ratings and performance of our investment options

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