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A small business owner working in her coffee shop.
"business owners smiling outside their flower shop"
Business owner sales strategies
Every business owner has a unique set of personal goals, concerns and coverage needs. Help them navigate these areas and support the future success of their business and their trust in you as their financial professional.
 business owner reviewing life insurance, business continuation, executive compensation and premium financing products
Business owners require more than business insurance
If you’ve only ever talked with your clients about business insurance, you could be missing out on potential revenue. Business continuation, executive compensation and premium financing represent real needs they have and represent untapped sales opportunities for you. 
Business continuation: to protect the business when an owner dies
When a business owner dies, problems can occur. Litigation; delays in transition to the new ownership; and loss of customers, employees or creditor confidence are all issues that can arise. A formal, written buy-sell agreement between the business owners funded with life insurance can help the business continue on in an orderly fashion.
two flower shop owners reviewing a business continuation offering from Protective
 business owner closing executive compensation offer with a new employee
Executive compensation: to help clients attract and retain top talent
Highly skilled and experienced executives are sought after by companies all over the world. One way for a business to attract and retain them is by adding executive compensation plans to their benefits packages. 
There are many ways to structure these plans and life insurance policies are frequently used as an efficient funding vehicle for them.
Premium financing: to help clients finance life insurance premiums
Some high-net-worth, business owner clients may have to pay significant premiums to have the insurance coverage they desire but may not want to liquidate assets to cover the cost. Premium financing is a creative solution to this issue that involves borrowing funds to pay all or some of the premiums for a life insurance policy.
 business owner reviewing a premium financing offering

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