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Offer growth and income with Protective%%®%% Variable Annuity II B Series

For clients seeking retirement asset growth opportunities, along with options for guaranteed lifetime income and legacy protection, this variable annuity is an ideal choice.
Financial professional discussing the competitiveness of Protective Variable annuity Two B Series with his client.
Protection. Performance. Strength.
Growing at a rate of 340% year over year,1 Protective Variable Annuity II B Series with the optional SecurePay 5 protected lifetime income benefit can offer clients more guaranteed income protection and strong investment performance. Learn more about what makes our variable annuity so competitive.

Why Protective Variable Annuity II B Series?

This solution is an investment growth tool that pairs competitive guaranteed income and legacy options to help clients meet a variety of needs.
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Quality investment options
Investment choices from leading fund managers and asset-allocation approaches allow clients potential for strong growth with diversification.
Strong protected lifetime income
Clients can add SecurePay 5, which includes a 5% guaranteed roll-up and step-up opportunities to fuel income they cannot outlive.
Enhanced death benefit options
Provide choices to potentially increase the death benefit quarterly or annually, in addition to the standard return of premium option.
Access investment performance data
Performance is a key metric when considering this solution. View historical fund performance detail for each of the available subaccounts using our product performance tool.
 Illustration of person pointing to presentation board of historical fund performance for Protective Variable Annuity II B Series.
Family reviewing all the benefits of the Protective Variable Annuity II B Series.
Showcase the benefits your clients value
Discuss how this variable annuity can provide tax-deferred growth, legacy protection and a guaranteed income stream.
A family reviewing the investment options for Protective Variable Annuity II B Series.
More than 80 investment options for a customized solution
With this variable annuity, you can easily tailor a plan to meet your client’s specific investment goals and preferences. Access quality, highly diversified investment options or choose from a variety of model portfolios from top fund managers.

Helpful resources on Protective Variable Annuity II B Series

Want more info on features? Ready to dive into the investment options? Just download these Protective Variable Annuity II B Series product materials.  
Cover of Protective Variable Annuity II B Series brochure
High-level product profile
Cover of Protective Variable Annuity II B Series investment guide
Detailed investment guide
Ratings and performance summary on Protective Variable Annuity II B Series.
Quarterly ratings and performance summary
Cover of Dynamic allocation series brochure for Protective Variable Annuity II B Series.
Dynamic allocation series brochure

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1 Secure Retirement Institute, U.S. Individual Annuities Sales Survey Participant's Report, Third Quarter 2021.

2 On contracts with SecurePay 5, no additional investments accepted after two years from the benefit purchase date.

3 May not be available in all states.