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Introducing "In the Loop"
May 24, 2022
Our monthly email newsletter has been called “Know What Matters” for approximately 10 years. Readers include not just our financial professionals, but case managers, administrators, underwriters, marketing staff and other key personnel who want to know the latest updates and information from Protective Life.

In 2021, Protective updated our brand to help elevate all the things that make us who we are, capitalize on our strengths and allow customers to see themselves as part of the Protective story. As an extension of our new brand, we’re now updating the name of our newsletter from “Know What Matters” to “In the Loop.”

To be “in the loop” means you’re part of a group who knows about important decisions and information. Being “in the loop” means having special knowledge, power and exclusivity. And most importantly, being “in the loop” means active participation and feedback about what’s happening.

We couldn’t think of a better name that communicates not only the spirit of Protective, but the spirit of the relationship we want with you.

And, as a bonus, it aligns with our new brand to literally bring you “in the loop.”

What’s not changing? You’ll still receive the newsletter every month, and it’ll still include the great content you’re familiar with to keep you updated with the latest news from Protective.

If you have any questions or want to make sure others are In the Loop, contact your Protective Life representative.

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