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Move your business forward with Protective velocity
May 24, 2022
Streamline your business with Protective Velocity. Our exclusive suite of digital solutions makes it faster and easier to do business with us. Read on to learn about electronic health record ordering.

Coming soon

  • EHR automation: Beginning in May, Electronic health record (EHR) ordering and retrieval will be automated. This new process will replace the current manual EHR ordering process. With EHR automation, when an APS is needed due to age/amount requirements or to investigate impairments, an EHR will be ordered first in most circumstances*.
    • The key benefit is improved turnaround time: EHRs can be obtained more quickly than traditional APSs. Currently, 35% of applicants have an EHR available and 70+% of EHRs are returned to Protective within 24 hours. Approximately 40% of cases with a successful EHR retrieval do not require additional medical records (APSs). Maximum EHR retrieval time is five days. When an EHR is not available, a traditional APS order will be placed instead.
    • Please note that some Physician’s Statement requirements may appear in a “Home Office Ordered” status while the EHR orders are routed behind the scenes.

Stay tuned for next month’s newsletter for even more improvements.

* EHRs are not obtained for distribution partners who order their own medical records or for applicants aged 61 and up.

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