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Offer added protection for chronic illness expenses with ExtendCare%%SM%%

Preparing your clients for the unexpected goes beyond purchasing a policy that only offers death benefit protection. With our ExtendCare rider, they can advance their death benefit to manage the costs associated with a chronic illness.

Added flexibility when it's needed most

When your clients need protection from an unexpected chronic illness, consider a solution that provides more than just a death benefit. Offer these flexible benefits with ExtendCare.
Flexibility + choices
Desired benefit payout amounts tailored to your client’s needs.
No Alt
Less burden on clients
No need to submit bills to receive monthly benefit or pay premiums / policy expenses while on claim.
Freedom from premiums
No premiums after three consecutive years of chronic illness.
Easy to sell
No separate licensing or continuing education is needed.
See how ExtendCare works
Developing a chronic illness can take a physical, emotional and financial toll on your clients. By adding ExtendCare, you can put their life insurance policy’s death benefit to work for them if they need it. Funds can be used for home health care, assisted living costs and more.

See how ExtendCare works with a life insurance policy to add extra protection.
Illustration showing how ExtendCare enhances a life insurance policy with chronic illness protection.

Find the right client fit for ExtendCare

When you meet with clients, you want to offer protection strategies that meet their needs. Here are some client profiles that may be best served with ExtendCare.
A woman on vacation is feeling more confident now that she has added protection to her life insurance plan.
Pre-retiree protector
Clients age 60+ nearing their planned retirement age and are looking for a cost-effective protection solution.
  • Product interest: Protective® Lifetime Assurance UL
  • Face amount: Lower
  • Protection priority: Age guaranteed death benefit
  • Illustration solve: Premium, face amount
  • Coverage length: To age 121
A father has new confidence in knowing that he has chronic illness protection as his son starts college.
Career peak protector
Clients age 50-60 who have just reached peak earning years and may still have some larger expenses such as college tuition.
  • Product interest: Protective® Indexed Choice UL
  • Face amount: Average
  • Protection priority: Coverage that works within a budget
  • Illustration solve: No solve
  • Coverage length: Life expectancy
A successful business owner has renewed confidence in his estate and legacy planning strategy.
Estate protector
Business owner clients age 40-50 with strong cash flow and interested in estate and legacy planning, less concerned about policy cost.
  • Product interest: Protective® Indexed Choice UL
  • Face amount: Higher
  • Protection priority: Buy-sell, long horizon
  • Illustration solve: Guarantee to age 100
  • Coverage length: To age 100 or higher
Introduce clients to chronic illness solutions
Watch this client-friendly video that provides chronic illness information, explains payment options and details why ExtendCare might be a good option for them to consider.
Thumbnail image for solutions for chronic illness video.

Helpful resources on ExtendCare

Use these resources to learn more about our ExtendCare rider and support your client conversations.
Cover of ExtendCare Rider producer guide.
Review key rider details and specs
Cover of ExtendCare Rider producer guide.
Introduce clients to chronic illness solutions
Cover of ExtendCare FAQs/guide.
Get answers to common questions
Cover of medical-related disqualifiers guide.
Find out more about medical-related disqualifiers

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We're here for you
Everyone deserves peace of mind when it comes to safeguarding what’s most important. We’re ready to help you deliver the protection and security your clients deserve. Reach out to us anytime for questions and support, and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.