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Protective Custom Choice%%SM%% UL offers flexible short-term coverage

Offer clients protection for as long as they choose with premiums that stay the same even after the initial benefit period ends. The amount of universal life insurance coverage will decrease instead, likely in step with their changing needs.

Why recommend Protective Custom Choice UL? 

Your clients who want affordable short-term universal life insurance coverage with flexible options can enjoy these 3 benefits:
Level premiums after the initial term period ends
Clients stay covered for the same cost, as the death benefit decreases
Flexible premium payments
Choices in premium payments helps clients plan around other expenses
Strong conversion options
Convert to a permanent solution during policy years 2-20 to cover any protection gaps
See how this flexible short-term solution works
Clients can choose how long they want their coverage to last at an initial level benefit period of 10-30 years. After this period ends, their premium payment stays the same and their guaranteed death benefit decreases instead.
 A graphic showing how Protective Custom Choice UL works
 A financial professional discussing life insurance with her client.
Help clients choose the right short-term solution for their goals
In addition to Protective Custom Choice UL, we also offer a term life insurance solution to meet clients’ short-term protection needs. Share this comparison brochure with clients to help them choose the right fit.

Helpful resources on Protective Custom Choice UL

Use these resources to learn more about this short-term, universal life insurance product and support your client conversations.
The cover of the Protective Custom Choice UL product guide
Introduce clients to Protective Custom Choice UL
The cover of the Protective Custom Choice UL mortgage protection flyer
Show clients how they can still cover a mortgage after their level benefit period ends

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