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Secure growth today and income tomorrow with SecurePay 5

To help clients solve retirement income needs over time, our Protective® Variable Annuity II B Series offers SecurePay 5, a protected lifetime income benefit for benefit base growth early on and guaranteed income later.

Deliver more income with our enhanced withdrawal rates
SecurePay 5 helps you maximize clients' income with strong annual withdrawal percentages. Contact our sales desk or view full rate details to learn how you can deliver more to your clients with this competitive rider.

Benefits that add up to a lifetime of protection

Adding SecurePay 5 to our Protective Variable Annuity II B Series combines enhanced benefit base growth with guarantees to ensure a protected lifetime income benefit that retirees won’t outlive and adjusts to their changing needs.
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Guaranteed annual growth rate
Competitive, compounding 5% annual guaranteed growth rate.¹
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Competitive withdrawal rates
Guaranteed 5.15% benefit base withdrawal available at age 67.
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Enhanced nursing home benefit
Up to 10% additional annual withdrawal for up to five years of nursing home care, if qualified.²
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Long-term potential increases
Benefit base increases to match the contract value on each contract anniversary continue to age 95.

Review our enhanced annual withdrawal rates

The annual withdrawal percentage is based on the age at which the client begins withdrawals and whether they choose a single or joint payout.
Issue Age
Single Person
Both Spouses
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Customize a retirement investment strategy with SecurePay 5
We offer access to investment options of varying asset classes. Emphasis is on quality, with many featuring a long track record of performance. Use these tools to see how SecurePay 5 can provide a more tax-efficient and customizable retirement strategy.

Helpful resources on SecurePay 5

Expand your knowledge about SecurePay 5 and enhance your client conversations with these related materials. We make it easy for you to share important information with your clients.
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SecurePay 5 consumer brochure
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Consumer brochure | NH benefit
 SecurePay 5 how-it-works consumer product flyer
How SecurePay 5 works
SecurePay 5 consumer facts product flyer
Facts about SecurePay 5

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We're here for you
Everyone deserves peace of mind when it comes to safeguarding what’s most important. We’re ready to help you deliver the protection and security your clients deserve. Reach out to us anytime for questions and support, and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

¹ If on a contract anniversary, the contract value is less than 50%of the current benefit base, the 5% guaranteed growth rate willbe suspended during that contract year, and the benefit base will remain unchanged. The 5% guaranteed growth rate will continue to be available annually until 10 benefit base increases have occurred or until benefit withdrawals have begun, if earlier.

² Available with SecurePay NH, which is not available in all states.