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Wealth transfer strategies to optimize tax efficiency

Use IRA maximization for tax-advantaged wealth transfer

You can help clients maintain or increase the value of an IRA that's passed to beneficiaries. Here are the four IRA maximization strategies to consider. 
Tax offset
Beneficiaries use death-benefit proceeds to cover the cost of IRA inheritance taxes.
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Legacy enhancement
Naming the same beneficiary on a life policy and IRA enhances the inheritance amount. 
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Spousal Roth IRA
Spouse and heirs benefit with no RMDs, tax-free withdrawals, tax-free transfers.
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Tax elimination charitable strategy
Charity receives IRA and beneficiary gets life policy proceeds tax-free. 
Mother and daughter secure in the families' future thanks to wealth transfer.
Who is a good fit for wealth transfer?

Clients who have substantial wealth and are not concerned about how they’ll provide for retirement may be good candidates for a wealth transfer strategy. Since they may be more concerned with providing for their beneficiaries long term, they are likely to:

  • Not need their IRAs for retirement income
  • Have a greater interest in transferring assets
  • Want to provide lifetime income for heirs

Helpful resources on wealth transfer

Want to expand your knowlege? Need tools to support your client conversations? Just download these materials.
Front of Tax Offset Strategy flyer
Tax offset strategy
Front of Legacy Enhancement Strategy flyer
Legacy enhancement strategy
Front of Tax Elimination Strategy flyer
Tax elimination charitable strategy

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