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a woman reviewing life insurance protection solutions on her tablet
a woman reviewing life insurance protection solutions on her tablet
Protection your clients can count on
Protecting what matters most means understanding someone’s unique needs and tailoring solutions to meet their goals. That’s what we do for financial professionals and their clients every day — helping more people achieve the reliable protection they deserve through life insurance.

Dedicated to service. Committed to progress. Helping you protect more people.

We’re by your side to help you connect as many people as possible to the protection they deserve. That’s why we’ve designed our products to be easy to explain and even easier to recommend through proven performance. Plus, our digital capabilities can help accelerate your processes so you can protect more people in less time.
Trusted, essential protection for your clients
We’re focused on the essentials to maximize value, delivering only what clients need: reliable policies with strong guarantees.
Committed to ease and excellence
We’re constantly investing in what matters to you, like streamlining your processes with Protective Velocity.
Dedicated to your success
We’re here whenever you need us. Tell us what you need and how we can support your business.
Start a life insurance conversation
There are a lot of ways to introduce the need for life insurance and protection solutions. We have talking points and sales ideas on a variety of topics that can support your conversations and help you grow your business.
Financial professional discussing life insurance and protection solutions with a client

Explore our protection products

Learn more about some of our top solutions to see which one best meets your clients’ unique protection needs.
Key benefit
Competitively priced death benefit protection up to 40 years, with access to Protective Velocity digital tools to streamline and expedite the application process.
Clients can customize a guaranteed death benefit coverage period and keep level premiums after period ends, with a declining death benefit as needs may change
Guaranteed, straight-forward, level pay death benefit solution that protects clients for their desired timeframe (up to age 121), and offers a return of premium endorsement
Guaranteed lifetime death benefit protection with premium flexibility, lapse protection, and more
Simple, guaranteed death benefit protection to age 90 with realistic cash value projections to help support a dependable strategy
Business owner solution to compensate and incentivize key employees that’s easy to administer, cost effective and portable for the employee
A life insurance accumulation solution that is not restricted by “guarantee fees” to maximize cash value potential, using investment options from quality, well known fund managers
Policy flexibility




Cash accumulation potential
Modest fixed rate growth
Moderate potential growth linked to index performance, up to a cap
Modest fixed rate growth with additional contribution opportunities
Maximum potential growth fueled by performance of chosen investments

We're here support your success

We put all our time and resources into supporting financial professionals like you. The goal? A noticeable difference in working with us. Get more information about our:
Digital Tools
Experience a streamlined process through our suite of digital tools, Protective Velocity.
Our dedicated team of protection experts are standing by to support your business.
We’re in this for the long haul. Explore our history of strong performance and reliability.

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We're here for you
Everyone deserves peace of mind when it comes to safeguarding what’s most important. We’re ready to help you deliver the protection and security your clients deserve. Reach out to us anytime for questions and support, and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.