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Protective%%®%% Investors Benefit Advisory VUL to diversify and protect portfolios

Diversify clients’ retirement assets and manage risk with our variable universal life solution that’s designed for your fee-based business.

Why recommend Protective Investors Benefit Advisory VUL?

When clients need a tax-advantaged investment vehicle to grow and protect retirement assets, our VUL could be a fit for their portfolios and your business. 
Designed for fee-based advisors
Built with RIAs in mind, this solution has no commissions, no surrender charges and lower-cost funds.
Seamless portfolio management
Integrative technology allows this product to be managed alongside all investments in a client’s portfolio.
Solution for tax-advantaged investing
This VUL supports a holistic portfolio by growing tax-deferred cash value and diversifying taxes in retirement.
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Create a tailored investment strategy
A solid tax-advantaged investment strategy is key to balancing a client’s portfolio. Protective Investors Benefit Advisory VUL offers access to high-quality, lower-cost funds and options to help you support their goals.
Download our sales idea to support your client conversations
Show clients how Investors Benefit Advisory VUL can help balance and protect their portfolios.
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Helpful resources on Protective Investors Benefit Advisory VUL

We want to help you decide if this solution is the right fit for your clients. Use these resources to learn more about the product and support your conversations.
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