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Investing with Protective%%®%% Investors Benefit Advisory VUL

A solid tax-advantaged investment strategy is key to balancing a client’s holistic portfolio. Our advisory variable universal life solution supports their goals with access to high-quality, lower-cost funds and a choice of investment approaches.

Why invest with Protective Investors Benefit Advisory VUL

A client’s investment strategy is only as strong as the options behind it. Our advisory VUL is designed with these benefits to align with their goals and your business.
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Access to high-quality, lower-cost funds
Offer selection of funds carefully chosen for their low fees and long history of performance
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Choice of turnkey or custom approaches
Create a tailored strategy with model portfolios or do-it-yourself options
Seamless portfolio management
Easily manage alongside all investments in a client’s portfolio, thanks to integrative technology
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Our quality lineup starts with carefully selected fund managers
Strong fund managers are the foundation of our lineup. Each was chosen for their high level of professional credentials and experience.
And continues with a wide array of options
Offer clients the diversification they need with access to over 47 investment options across 17 asset classes — including buffered funds to limit loss while supporting growth.
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Offer clients a choice of approaches in their investment strategy

Protective Investors Benefit Advisory VUL offers a choice of turnkey and custom allocation options to help you align to your clients' preferences and help them achieve their growth goals.
For a simplified approach, our preselected portfolios offer clients turnkey allocation options based on various levels of risk tolerance. Each offers broad diversification by asset class and fund manager.

  • Conservative Growth: 50% Equity / 50% Fixed Income
  • Growth: 65% Equity / 35% Fixed Income
  • Growth & Income: 75% Equity / 25% Fixed Income
  • Aggressive Growth: 90% Equity / 10% Fixed Income

Download portfolio details
If you and your clients prefer a do-it-yourself approach, our fund information and performance center will provide the information and performance details you'll need at a later date. In the meantime, contact our knowledgeable team for support.

Helpful resources

We want to help you decide if this solution is the right fit for your clients. Use these resources to learn more about the product and support your client conversations.
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Help clients customize their investment strategy
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