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Financial professional discussing retirement income risks with clients.
Financial professional discussing retirement income risks with clients.
Retirement income risks you can help clients avoid
 There are risks that you can shed light on as part of a holistic retirement planning approach. With a better understanding of these risks and their potential impact, as well as strategies to help protect against them, you can help build your client's retirement confidence. We have resources to help you with each step along the way.

Potential retirement income pitfalls

Market volatility
Market drops at or near retirement can impact, or delay your clients’ retirement plans, and rebounding can take precious time.
Health care costs
Rising health care costs and the potential increasing need for medical care over time can put retirees’ income at risk.
Retirees are living longer, putting them at risk of running out of money during retirement or having to make lifestyle adjustments.
Help clients understand the impact of income risks
Your clients may not realize how dramatic the impact can be if they experience a setback due to common income risks. Use this infographic to share how these risks could impact their retirement spending.
Illustration representing two retirees who understand the impact income risks can have on their retirement.
Use this 3-step income planning approach with clients
Employ three easy tactics to strengthen your client's confidence in their retirement plans. Set spending priorities, estimate expenses, and evaluate how flexible their expenses can be. For more on this approach and support to enrich your client conversations, download this white paper by expert Michael Finke.
Financial professional reviewing a white paper detailing a 3-step approach to income planning.

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Boost your client’s confidence in their income plan

Clients can feel more confident in their plans for retirement when a portion of retirement income is derived from guaranteed sources. Learn how guaranteed income can help you deliver the protection and security that's right for your clients’ retirement goals.

A financial professional discussing potential risks of accumulating retirement savings with her clients.

Helpful resources

Download these resources to share with clients how underestimating income risks can impact retirement income, and the protection guaranteed income solutions can offer.
Cover of Protective® Income Capabilities brochure
Protective%%®%% Income Capabilities brochure
A flyer that explains how you can prepare for health care costs in retirement.
Using Protective%%®%% Income Builder to prepare for health care costs in retirement
Predictable income that's guaranteed to last flyer.
See how Protective%%®%% Income Builder works flyer
Poor sequence of returns flyer.
Poor sequence of returns flyer

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A financial professional discussing potential risks of accumulating retirement savings with her clients.
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Secure a lifetime income source with Protective%%®%% Income Creator fixed annuity
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