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A financial professional talking to a client about Medicare.
A financial professional talking to a client about Medicare.
Medicare Made Simple: guide clients with confidence
Medicare is arguably one of the biggest retirement decisions and most don't know where to turn. But you don’t have to be an expert to help clients make confident choices. We've worked with 65 Incorporated®, Medicare experts, to help you get started.
Medicare: Prepare for important decisions ahead
Medicare is a complex topic with a lot of considerations. Watch our video to learn how you can help your clients build confidence in this key decision.
Medicare: Prepare for important decisions ahead
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Why Medicare conversations matter

Did you know even small Medicare mistakes can be irreversible and costly? In fact, one person can make thousands of dollars in Medicare mistakes in just one year.¹ And choosing a plan is highly individual, yet 72% admit they don’t fully understand Medicare.² Learning to meaningfully support this key decision not only better serves clients but can strengthen your relationships. 


We've partnered with Medicare experts, 65 Incorporated, an industry leader in unbiased Medicare guidance to bring you these resources.*

Understand Medicare myths to build confidence in retirement plans

To start a productive client conversation, understanding Medicare myths is a great first step. It helps them understand what’s at stake, and builds confidence in a path forward with you by their side. Check out three common myths.
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79% of people over age 50 believe Medicare Part B is free.³
Medicare is not free—households spend an average of $5,355 per year on Medicare or related expenses.⁴ Helping them plan for these regular expenses is key.
Once enrolled in Medicare, it does not change.
Failing to review plans annually could end up costing clients an additional $541 per year,⁵ so it’s important to plan for annual, ongoing conversations with them to check in.
Medicare covers long-term care (LTC).
Medicare does not pay for anything toward LTC, and these costs can quickly deplete savings. Most clients will need LTC services, and you can help by ensuring their retirement plans address this need.
Ready to debunk Medicare myths with your clients?
Download and share this client-approved brochure at upcoming meetings. It will help you start a productive conversation about Medicare as part of their holistic retirement plan.
A financial professional explaining common Medicare myths to her client.
Begin Medicare planning by focusing on timing and plan type
Many clients start planning in the middle of the process. Reframe the approach with six Medicare steps, and focus your discussions on the first two: enrollment timing and plan type. Our financial professional guide can help you get started.*
Decide enrollment timing
Choose type of coverage
Select specific plans
Enroll in Medicare Parts A and B
Enroll in plans from step 3
Review coverage annually

Helpful resources for Medicare conversations

Ready to start discussing Medicare as part of a holistic financial plan? Get started with these helpful tools.
Cover of the consumer Medicare guide.
Customer guide: Prepare for Important Medicare Decisions Ahead
a flyer on the costs of Medicare based on type.
The impact of choosing a Medicare type based on premium alone
a flyer explaining how to prepare for health care costs in retirement.
Covering healthcare expenses when Medicare doesn’t
A flyer that explains how you can prepare for health care costs in retirement.
How to prepare for healthcare costs in retirement
Host a turnkey client event to share Medicare knowledge
Position yourself as a trusted resource by hosting an informational client seminar on this important topic. We’ll provide everything you need to be successful, from invitations to presentation and workbooks.
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Interested in hosting a client event? Contact us now to get started.

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Everyone deserves peace of mind when it comes to safeguarding what’s most important. We’re ready to help you deliver the protection and security your clients deserve. Reach out to us anytime for questions and support, and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

*This material was developed in collaboration with 65 Incorporated, an industry leader in unbiased Medicare guidance. 65 Incorporated was co-founded by Diane J. Omdahl and Melinda A. Caughill. Diane is a registered nurse and one of the nation’s foremost Medicare experts and Melinda is a noted Medicare speaker. 65 Incorporated helps consumers and financial professionals with Medicare information and individualized guidance.

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