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Investment options using variable universal life and variable annuities

Using variable universal life and variable annuities, you can diversify a client’s investment strategy, manage risk and meet their needs for asset growth and savings.
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You'll have access to funds managed by leading fund managers

Our variable universal life and variable annuity subaccounts offer access to some of the industry’s most reputable fund managers. Review their track record for tax deferred growth by running reports and quarterly updates on our fund information and performance page.


Fund Performance

A couple of approaches to creating a sound investment strategy

Whether you’re putting together a plan to protect your client or provide a secure source of retirement income, you can allocate various funds to accomplish their goals.
Build a custom allocation strategy
Choose one of our turnkey solutions
 Illustration of financial professional selecting the funds for the financial solution they are building.
Choose the funds
Prefer a hands-on approach? Build a client’s investment strategy by picking from a variety of asset classes, many featuring a long track record of performance.
Choose a turnkey solution
Clients can simplify the asset allocation process by selecting one of our model portfolios. Each offers broad diversification by asset class and fund manager.
Illustration of a financial professional selecting a model portfolio to use in their financial solution.

Explore our investment options

We offer a range of variable universal life and variable annuity products you can incorporate into a client’s investment strategy.

Ways to counter the ebbs and flows of the market

The market can be an unpredictable place. Here are 2 approaches to use to address the inevitable ups and downs and keep the overall strategy of your client's portfolio on track.

Employ portfolio rebalancing
When markets fluctuate, some assets may perform better than others, causing the asset allocation of a portfolio to change. By periodically restoring the original asset allocation, known as portfolio rebalancing, you will help your clients maintain a level risk profile over the life of their investments.
 Bar graph illustrating how a rebalanced portfolio can help maintain a level risk profile
Leverage dollar cost averaging
Don’t invest all the funds at once. Instead, systematically deploy the money over a period of time. This approach, called dollar cost averaging, allows your clients to take advantage of the market’s natural short-term fluctuations, to purchase more units when prices are low and fewer units when prices are high.
Graphic illustrating how dollar cost averaging lets clients take advantage of short-term market fluctuations.

Add another layer of protection to VA products with an optional Lifetime Income Benefit

For an additional fee, an optional lifetime income benefit can be added to a variable annuity product. Depending on the option chosen, clients can ensure a minimum growth rate, while still providing the opportunity to capture market gains.


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